Tony Broadway Residential Paving

We can install concrete or asphalt (black top) surfaces according to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Tony Broadway Paving residential driveway with yard sign.

Concrete and Asphalt Driveways, Sidewalks, and Roads

Tony Broadway Residential Paving provides quality concrete and asphalt paving solutions for our valued homeowners. We can install attractive and durable concrete or asphalt:

• Driveways
• New Construction Paving
• Parking Areas
• Playgrounds
• Roads
• Sidewalks & Curbs

We can also perform regular maintenance such as sealcoating, crack filling, patching, milling/overlays, and other repairs.

Asphalt Advantages: Durable and Impervious

The advantages of asphalt include:

• Dark color hides oil and other stains
• Easier snow removal
• Impervious to deicing chemicals (when well-maintained)
• Less expensive than concrete
• More durable in cold climates

Concrete Advantages: Long Lifespan and Less Maintenance

The advantages of concrete include:

• Does not soften
• Less maintenance than asphalt
• Long lifespan; May exceed several decades

Tony Broadway Paving residential driveway off two story home.

Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

At Tony Broadway Paving, our employees have the experience, knowledge, and skills to install an attractive new impervious surface that will increase the curb appeal, usability, and value of your home. We maintain all of our equipment very well and use fresh high-quality materials to ensure a flawless and durable paving application that will endure for many years with proper maintenance.

To help prevent future water drainage and damage issues, we underlay all of our paving products with a crushed stone or rock sub-base drainage system and grade the installation to direct water away from sensitive areas of your property, such as your house and garage.

The owner maintains a presence at every job site to ensure that the installation is completed according to industry standard specifications for your peace of mind.

We can install concrete or asphalt (black top) surfaces according to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

There are a lot of aspects to consider when choosing between concrete and asphalt for your paving project. However, unless you have a very specific aesthetic preference and need for an extremely low maintenance surface that is in a protected area such as under an awning or porch, we generally recommend asphalt for most budget-minded residential installations in Pennsylvania. The main reason is asphalt’s durability against the freeze-thaw cycle and its imperviousness to rock salt and deicing chemicals that are typically necessary in our climate. However, with regular concrete sealing, alternate installation methods (corrosion-resistant rebar) and concrete friendly deicing methods, concrete paving can be even more durable than asphalt, by several decades, if your budget allows.

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