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Sealcoating for Trafford, PA and Surrounding Area

Also serving Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Irwin, North Huntingdon, Manor, and Irwin, PA

Get Your Sealcoating from Tony Broadway Paving

Get reliable asphalt maintenance for Trafford, PA and surrounding areas from the experts at Tony Broadway Paving. Does your driveway or parking lot look faded or like it might be cracking? Our sealcoating experts are ready to help you.

We use reliable equipment and materials for every step of the job. Let us help you get rid of those existing cracks and fades. That helps you make the most out of your investment. When you need sealcoating for your home or business, reach out to us. Call us today at (724) 864-0918 or contact us for an appointment and an estimate.

Preserving Pavement with Quality Sealcoating

We know the importance of maintaining and protecting your pavement investment. Our sealcoating services provide a barrier against a variety of damaging effects. Those include sun, rain, snow, and everyday wear and tear. By sealing the surface, we prevent water penetration, oxidation, and the formation of cracks and potholes. Our professional sealcoating not only enhances the appearance of your pavement. It also extends its lifespan, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

Comprehensive Sealcoating Solutions for Your Home or Business

Whether you have a residential driveway, commercial parking lot, or any other asphalt surface, our skilled contractors are ready. We begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface, removing dirt, debris, and vegetation. Next, we repair any existing cracks or potholes to ensure a smooth and even surface. Finally, we apply a high-quality sealcoat using advanced techniques and equipment, resulting in a durable and long-lasting finish.

Offering Quality Materials and Techniques

We use reliable materials and techniques for sealcoating. Our sealcoaters use sealants from reputable suppliers known for their superior quality and performance. Our skilled technicians know the latest industry standards and utilize state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures precise application and optimal results. We carefully apply our sealcoating with precision which makes your paved surfaces look like new again.

Depend on Tony Broadway Paving for Trafford, PA for quality sealcoating.