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Asphalt Maintenance for Manor PA

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Our comprehensive parking lot and driveway maintenance contract service can help significantly extend the usable life of your paving.

Keep Your Asphalt Paving Installation in Top Shape

To keep your asphalt as beautiful and intact as the day that it was installed, Tony Broadway Paving provides comprehensive asphalt maintenance services in Central PA to help keep your paving in top shape.

Patching and Crack Filling

Damaged areas of asphalt must be addressed promptly. Cracks and holes allow water to infiltrate below the surface of the asphalt, where it can rapidly cause complete devastation to your asphalt installation. Fortunately, if corrected quickly damage can be successfully mitigated.

Older pavement or pavement installed over a poorly prepared surface or exposed to extreme conditions without proper sealing will develop surface, edge, alligator, and/or reflective cracks that compromise the integrity of the entire installation. These cracks must be filled with a suitable cold rubberized crack filling or hot crack sealer.

If cracks are larger than 1/2”, they should be filled with an approved asphalt patching material.

It is extremely important that the asphalt surface be thoroughly cleaned of all oil, debris, plant materials, etc. prior to repair work. The area should be pressure washed or scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly, and allowed to dry. If the asphalt is too damaged to withstand a proper cleaning, removal and re-installation should be considered.

Tony Broadway Paving can examine your asphalt and advise you regarding suggested maintenance and repair options with our time-tested professional-grade repair products and techniques and will provide a free quote, as well.


Sealcoating is an essential part of asphalt maintenance. Studies have shown that regularly sealed asphalt paving lasts longer. The application of a coat of a stable coal tar-based sealant to your asphalt helps to protect it from the degradation that results from constant exposure to the damaging effects of the sun, precipitation, wind, and deicing chemicals.

Over time, asphalt can become brittle, hard, and break down unless it is protected. Small cracks form that allow water to infiltrate and when this water freezes, the force destroys the asphalt by breaking it apart. However, with proper application of a suitable sealcoat, the entire process is halted. The sealcoat forms a waterproof membrane over the surface of the asphalt that allows water to quickly shed off of the surface to prevent infiltration. The sealcoat also shields the asphalt from the sun, wind, and deicing chemicals. Regular sealcoating is critical to prolonging the life of your asphalt.

Tony Broadway Paving uses the toughest, most durable sealcoating products on the market today to ensure thorough protection for your asphalt.

Milling and Overlays

Larger asphalt surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, and roads that have been properly installed have a stable base. They usually have their damaged surfaces economically removed by milling and resurfaced with new overlays. Any drainage issues are corrected and the underlying support system is examined for stability and levelness. If these issues pass inspection or can be repaired, the top surface can be milled off, cleaned, and prepared. We then add a fresh high-quality coating of asphalt can be bonded to the underlying surface.

Our comprehensive parking lot and driveway maintenance contract service can help significantly extend the usable life of your paving. Contact Tony Broadway Paving to find out if your parking lot or driveway qualifies for our maintenance service. Call us today at (724) 864-0918, (724) 217-6544 or contact us.

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